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Choose a Stressless Lifestyle!

By Ingela Berger

A stressless lifestyle? That's very easy to say. Yet it is so important. Our health should be our # 1 priority. We all know that, and still we keep hearing about yet another work mate who is now on the sick-list for several weeks to come.

The book stores are filled with books on stress management. But, should we manage stress or reduce it? Stress and burnout are two very common signs of a lifestyle that needs to be changed. The changes must take place on three levels:

1. Our society
2. Our place of work
3. Our personal life

The third level, our private life, is the one that we can change most easily. But we must also make efforts to bring about changes on our job/school and keep claiming that society takes its responsibility for our health. Of course, there are no easy solutions.

Back to our question: Should we manage or reduce stress? Personally I do not like the word "manage". It doesn't have a good ring to it. To me, manage sounds like trying to handle a situation by working very hard. I close my eyes and see this tired out woman carrying heavy shopping bags up the stairs. "I'll manage", she says as her heart pounds heavily. I don't want to be that woman. And maybe that is not at all what the stress experts mean when they use the word "manage". But, still, I prefer the word "reduce".

On the personal level we can do a lot to reduce stress. There is also stress that cannot be totally reduced. Then we need to learn how to manage it. But watch out, because your boss might prefer that you manage when you could reduce! It has become a virtue to manage stress in our modern society. Don't try to be the perfect employee, the perfect partner or the perfect parent. When you can reduce, don't manage. Start with reducing the unnecessary stress, then learn to manage the necessary in a way that is good for your general health.

Lifestyle Changes – A Conscious Choice!

By Ingela Berger

Are you ready for a change? Is it time for those plans that you've been thinking about for so long? Now is a good time for making plans, for lifestyle changes, starting over, finding new directions and developing as a human being. Now is a very good time for creating your own personal lifestyle and a life that you have chosen to live.

Let there always be cross-roads!
Let me tell you what I think about cross-roads. There will always be new cross-roads. And I really hope they will be many. How boring life would be if there weren't any new directions to choose. We would just be walking straight ahead and never find out what else there is to know. We would never discover the narrow paths that lead into something new and unexplored. If we always choose the straight long road we will not develop as human beings. We will not realize all the qualities and possibilities that we all possess.

Some cross-roads can be tough on us. We can be forced to change directions. Something happens unexpectedly and we move into a crisis. This will happen to us all sooner or later. The changes that we choose consciously are "better" than the ones that hurt, of course. But we develop and grow as a result of both.

I have experienced both kinds of cross-roads. I have lost near and dear ones, and I had no choice but to see it happen. I have also made choices of my own - choices that have changed my life in many ways.

By making conscious choices we are able to make positive lifestyle changes. Instead of letting things happen we can take control. We have the power to make changes.

I would like to encourage you in your decision to build something new, something better! I want to inspire you to see the possibilities, and I am convinced that you have the power to make positive changes in your life. It’s a choice. You can build a better life! You have the possibilities and the power to make positive lifestyle changes. No one else can make the right choices for your life. But you can.

It's time to start feeling better! You deserve it! Reduce stress, start exercising, change career, or learn something new and different for your own personal development. Start today by taking that first step to a more fulfilling lifestyle!

Remember: The only ones that never fail are the ones that never try.

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