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Cheap computers and laptops online

How to Save Money With Cheap Computers

By Tyler Casselman

We all know that computers change more then any other type of technology. There constant changing can also leave are wallets completely empty. But do we really need all that expensive hardware? Probably not. Lets take look at how you can cut some corners when buying a new computer.

For the average computer user you really wont need anything more that a basic computer package. You see most people use there PC to do Internet, email, word processing, and a few other basic tasks. Running these sorts of applications don't require much computer power.

Now of days just about any new machine that you can buy will handle those sorts of tasks with ease. Even a machine for $500 or less will get the job done. Many of these sub $500 dollar PC's even come with 1 year warranties. You cant go wrong with a deal like that!

I know many of you are probably thinking; "What if you do more then just those basic tasks?"

You should still be able to get a very affordable computer. Expect to pay up to a thousand if you would like to take on some digital pictures and video. This type of work will require bigger hard drives, more CPU power, and gobs of memory. You should be able to get a machine that can handle these tasks for $1000 and maybe even less.

Here are some specs of you should be able to get in a cheap computer system:

2GHz CPU or faster

256-512 of DDR RAM

60GB hard drive

17' CRT Monitor

CD RW (CD burner)

Any machine that resembles the specs that you see here will get the job done for most computer users. You will need to decide what you want to do with your computer and then decide just how much computer power you will really need.

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